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What a Great Year, Thank you!

Thank you all for a Great Year in 2015.

On behalf of our team, we are excited to welcome 2016!


Our team is poised and ready to move ahead full steam into the New Year. We stand ready to help each of our clients in all areas of Full Scale Financial Planning, Medicare assistance, and Employee Benefits Consulting.  Last year, we found the opportunity to work with many affiliates in our industry, such as CPA’s, Attorney’s, Property and Casualty Agents and Banks.  As a result, we’re happy to consider a few new offices as part of our enhanced “Client Service Team,” and we look forward to our continued relationships with each of them.

The challenges of 2015 required our office to embrace a wealth of new knowledge.  Dave, Kristen and Devan spent many hours in planning forums, staff symposiums, due diligence trips as well as countless training sessions to deepen their knowledge not only of our affiliated industries, but also on current economic outlooks and trends. Between the three of us, we visited many states across the country to hear from top keynote speakers, economists and other experts in the Financial Services and Employee Benefits industry. Our team brought back numerous fresh ideas we adapt to our continued focus of the top level service our clients deserve.

On a personal note…….

Dave found 2015 challenging in many ways, and once again is sincerely grateful for the family, friends, staff, and business relationships that resulted in a successful 2015, with substantial growth to our practice.   However, 2016 promises continued challenges, due to a volatile investment market and slow growing economy.  The ever-changing aspects of HealthCare Reform also promise to keep us on our toes, as we work hard to keep our clients well informed and in compliance.  New business relationships we developed in 2014 have offered exceptional opportunities, therefore keeping us excited about the coming year.   As expressed in recent years, I’m proud to acknowledge that our success is driven by the best Practice Management Team in the business…..Kristen, Devan and Shelly.  They are largely responsible for the cherished relationships we share with clients and business associates.  With their help, we continue once again to be recognized as one of Pittsburgh Magazine’s “Select” Wealth Managers.  Outside the office, I’m thrilled to note the addition of another grandchild in 2015, and the continued progress in the development of my daughter’s and stepdaughter’s careers.  Each have become a valuable asset to their respective vocations. 

Kristen can’t help but reflect on another great year, both personally and professionally. For the third year in a row, she was nominated for a top staff award, chosen from all of our Broker/Dealer’s staff members across the country during a staff forum in St. Louis. Not only was she awarded again, but she was chosen as the Number 1 Staff Member of 2015, picked from hundreds of nominations. Although she was incredibly happy to win this award, she was most excited about being chosen to be one of three hosts who planned and co-chaired the forum. During her duties on the planning committee, she had the pleasure of meeting many new people from across the country, including top voices in the Financial, Business and Management industries. Outside the office, Kristen had another busy yet incredible year. She graduated from Seton Hill University with her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration with a focus on Finance and is currently working towards her Master’s Degree.  Most importantly, Kristen, her husband Darryl and their daughter Teagan welcomed a new addition, Maggie Marie, to their family in May.

Devan is extremely proud to look back on 2015 with much growth and achievement.  Health Care Reform imposed many alterations in 2015 along with major implementations in which employers had to prepare for, such as Employer Reporting and measurement tracking.  Although Devan was faced with challenges and obstacles, she embraced them; learned and tackled each concern, all while ensuring each client was educated and current on all regulations and requirements.  Along with keeping up-to-date on regulatory issues, she was proud and enthusiastic to spearhead the creation and execution of a Compliance Package for ERISA and ACA requirements.  With help from Dave, they worked collectively in producing a holistic solution for all size employers.  In addition to the Compliance Package, Devan, with the help of Dave and Kristen, planned Mosaic Employee Benefit’s first Educational Seminar for HR, ACA and ERISA Compliance; which she also presented at in October. With many new ideas and an optimistic outlook on the future, Devan is ready to take on 2016 with choice, variety, true simplicity, interaction and collaboration!

We feel very fortunate for the many relationships our business has awarded us with.  We truly enjoy and respect those we service and work with.  We would like to welcome the many new clients acquired in 2015, and say “Thank You” to those who referred their friends and family to us.  Our office is incredibly grateful for the opportunities to work with each of you, the blessings we find in doing so, and for the new relationships we hope to find in 2016.


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